The Glorious Sons at The Phoenix Concert Hall, November 24th 2017

Finishing up their final of four sold out nights at The Phoenix Concert Hall last night, The Glorious Sons played a set over two hours long featuring a fantastic array of jams off their new album, old favs and even a couple of covers.  Proving once again that they are relevant, serious contenders in Canada’s rock scene, The Glorious Sons brought the house down once more.

Photo by Ryan Mueller
Photo by Ryan Mueller

Starting the evening, The Glorious Sons came on stage to “Godless Graceless and Young”, pointing out people on the balcony.  Front man Brett Emmons made direct eye contact with the crowd and danced in his strangely fantastic McJagger-like style across the stage to the summery anthem.  The new song has lyrics that evoke very Canadian images like “The cold breeze blowin’ off the lake in June”  which is something quite new for TGS.  With that said, the party was just getting started.

Photo by Ryan Mueller
Photo by Ryan Mueller

The members stood on stage much closer than normal last night and it seemed they were smiling and joking around with each other even more than usual.  For those that haven’t seen TGS, wrestling around on stage and grabbing each other by the collar is always fair-game.

Continuing through the evening, the band played tons of older songs like “Ruby” and the beautiful “Shapeless Art” off their first EP.  A highlight of the night (which it always is) was “Sometimes on a Sunday”.  With old-school organs sounds, Brett sermonized the crowd as brother Jay on rhythm guitar and Chris on lead, sang choir-style “ooohs” on backup.  Ending the song showered in red light, Brett sang out over and over “we’re gonna raise the king”.

Photo by Ryan Mueller
Photo by Ryan Mueller

Of course, hits off the new album were a must as well.  Fans were treated to the likes of “Hide My Love”, a song written about a night of 8 cab trips Brett took back and forth to his girlfriend’s house,”Josie”, “Sawed Off Shotgun” and others.  These songs got new and old fans alike high on the music wave.

In true Glorious Sons style, the band also rocked a few covers.  New to this tour, TGS played “Gimme Shelter” by the Rolling Stones and “Praise You” by Fatboy Slim- both super fun, high-energy additions to the set.

Photo by Ryan Mueller

Coming on for an encore, the band ended this two-hour set with the slowed down “Amigo” as they did at the October Toronto tour date.  Overall, it was another great night of music lovers coming together for colossally incredible music.

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