Album #6: Outrage! Is Now- Death From Above

Released September 2017

Outrage! Is Now is Death From Above (they dropped the 1979)’s third album and to be frank, the reviews weren’t great so I wasn’t expecting too much. Lucky for me, I think it absolutely rocked. There are so many two piece bands right now but Death From Above truly was one of the first originals.  For me, this album proved that as long as Jesse and Sebastian can continue to get along, they’ll be creating music for a long time.

This album not only stays true to the original DFA sound (it’s loud as fuck) but it also shows maturation. The songs build slower and hit harder, they present more range than they used to and they make for one solid listen.  My favourite track on the whole album is “Holy Books”.  The bass on this track is extra weird and heavy and the lyrics are absolutely unapologetic.   I highly recommend checking it out.

Want to know more? Read my review for Spill Magazine.

Peace, love & history.

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